Document Shred

Routine Shredding

Regular Scheduled Service:
Our regularly scheduled shredding service is recommended for any institution handling confidential and sensitive documents. Scheduled document destruction through AMWS- Shredding is cost effective and ensures legal compliance. AMWS- Shredding is committed to offering the highest level of security when destroying our clients’ privileged information

-Locked Security Cabinets and Bins are Provided Free of Charge
-Flat Rate Pricing
-Never Any Hidden Fees or Surcharges
-Prevent Identity Theft
-Help the Environment

96galshred - Document Shred
Purge Shredding

Special Projects/Purge:
A periodic or one time purge of archived information can be scheduled for moves, tax season, corporate consolidations or file room cleanouts. With the capability of shredding thousands of pages per hour we can safely and securely destroy years of accumulated documents in minutes.

-Flat Rate Pricing
-Never Any Hidden Fees or Surcharges
-Prevent Identity Theft
-Help the Environment

e2Family - Document Shred
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“We will provide our Customers with the most secure method of handling their sensitive information. Further, we strive to provide these services in a manner that is convenient and adds value to our customers. Most of all, our services must be economical and enhance our customer’s bottom line. There is no substitute for Quality in the way we deliver our services. You have our guarantee on that!”


At Advantage we offer Medical Waste Removal Scheduling

weekly - Document Shred


bi weekly - Document Shred


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quarterly - Document Shred