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Welcome to
Advantage Medical Waste Solutions, LLC

Medical waste disposal Florida is not as simple as tossing other wastages into a recycling bin or trash, as most of the states in the USA like California, Florida, Wisconsin and Oregon have legalized rules and regulations to dispose the medical wastes. Advantage Medical Waste Solutions complies with the laws related to medical waste and sharps disposal. Our medical waste services offer convenient, flexible and perfect service that you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Medical wastes and sharps are devices and tools used during diagnosis, immunization or treatment of both animals and human beings.
  • Biohazardous wastes are created during medical researches
  • Testing and making of medical or biological products generate medical wastes
  • We also involve in removing the wastes in a trauma scene

Our Products

Medical waste disposal floridaare decidedly dangerous, when they are not properly disposed through well designed containers. Choosing the containers requires meticulous analysis of details, about the containers.
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Sharps Containers

Advantage Medical Waste Solutions carries all the basic necessities for medical safety products that most medical offices.

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Advantage Medical Waste Solutions offers a variety of medical waste containers to best satisfy your disposal needs. Our containers

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Red Bags

11×14 (fits a 1 gallon container)
14×19 (fits up to a three gallon container)
23×24 (fits up to a 8 gallon container)

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Advantages Reduces Risk

The experienced team of Advantages protects your organisation, your associates, your building and the reputation, built over the years, with our comprehensive and customized solutions. The risk of exposure to disease and contamination is reduced to safeguard the workplace Minimised risk of penalties and fines related to compliance of medical waste and sharps disposal regulations.

Advantage offers one-stop medical waste services

Medical waste management services in Advantage include:
Proper transport containers with appropriate shipping labels
Compliance to medical waste disposal and treatment methods
Professional pickup, disposal and transport of red bag wastage or biomedical waste
Complete documentation and tracking service, for secured disposal
Exclusive training sessions to help the staffs understand the rules related to medical waste management and sharps disposal

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AMW easily fits your schedule

Advantage maintains a huge network of medical waste services with a fleet of transporting vehicles, treatment facilities and collection sites. With a huge customer base, we are ready to offer biohazard disposal services daily, bi-weekly, weekly, quarterly, monthly or according to the volume and type of medical waste and sharps disposal generated in your organization.

AMW meet the demands

In case, you need additional disposal services, we flexibly schedule works. Access our service either through phone or online to meet the change in your office or practice or the medical center. State regulations regarding medical waste management: By law, medical wastes and sharps cannot be retained for more than one month, due to potential health hazards among the public and they have to be treated completely. For further details on the stringent laws on medical waste disposal, read the information given in –

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AMWS medical office cleaning services

Do you need medical office cleaning services for your facility? We employ professional, fully bonded & insured janitors who will maintain your medical facility’s safety and quality standards. Moreover, our maintenance staff is reliable and highly trained on the specific requirements needed to clean medical facilities.