Broward County Medical Waste Services

Broward County Medical Waste Services. We offer regulated medical waste transport and disposal services. Rates Starting at $25. Call Now 800-347-0345

At Advantage Medical Waste Solutions, it does not matter whether you are a small or large doctors’ office, veterinary office, medical spa, learning facility, or tattoo parlor; we know there are three crucial points that you as our customers and potential customers are focused on when choosing a medical waste disposal company.

  • Compliance – At Advantage we know compliance with State and Federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste is not a choice, it is the law. Making sure you do business with a licensed and insured company is essential.
  • Affordability –At advantage we are committed to offering superior service at an affordable price. Advantage will not overcharge you for our guaranteed professionalism and great customer service.
  • Reliability -Advantage Medical Waste Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in our commitment to customized customer service that meets each of our customer’s unique individual needs.

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sharps disposal
sharps disposal

AMWS-Broward county medical waste Services key focus is in reducing sharps injuries by safer sharp container disposal practices. The majority of our customers require Sharps container removal, disposal and replenishment. The Sharps containers used by the healthcare industry and others for infectious waste containment come in many shapes and sizes that is why Advantage stocks a full range of sharps containers to fit our customers’ individual needs. Moreover, the sharps disposal containers are designed not just to ensure security rather to help the technicians who collect the sharp wastes.

According to Florida laws related to medical waste disposal, your institution is responsible for the biohazard waste, until they are disposed and destroyed, even though it has been removed from your building. Therefore, it is very essential to hire a reliable service, with a proven track record, like Advantage Medical Waste solution to dispose your discarded medical wastes.